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invaded Telingana, Prataparudra, the ruler of Ekasila, was
defeated in battle. Harihara and Bukka, who were the
superintendents of his tr^aj^ry,.^ere,aarrifiiaway" as prisoners
to the Sultan s camp. All the sentries that were guarding the
camp fled!" in panic one evening owing to the outburst of a
thunder-storm. Nevertheless, Harihara and Bukka sat in
obedience to the orders within the prison. The Sultan saw
them and, being convinced of their uprightness, took them into
his service and retained them at the court.

At that time, the Nava Ballalas, having gathered strength,
rebelled against the Suljtan in Karnataka. The Sultan des-
patched Harihara and Bukka to Karnataka at the head of a
large army to subdue the rebels ; bat being defeated in battle-
by the Ballalas, the brothers, who were exhausted, took rest
at the foot of a tree. Harihara fell into a deep sleep. During
vthe sleep, Revana Siddhaj appeared to him in a dream, gave
him a linga of Candramaulisvara and said, " You will have an

interview withjhg^yofft', Vidyaranya, the benefacto ~of tttfe
world. By the grace^oFthe sage, you will obtain sovereignty?*
Having said this, Kevana biddha vanished, and Jtiarihara
woke up from sleep and described the dream to his brother
who was very much pleased at what he heard.
The army which was defeated by the Ballalas, rallied round
the brothers suddenly by the grace of Vidyaranya. There-
upon, they marched once again to the battle ground against
the Ballalas and won a victory over them. The Sultan who
was pleased with the victory, entrusted Karnataka to the
brothers whom he appointed as the governors of the country.
Srngiri Bhatta, who was living with Vidyaranya requested
him to re-establish the throne of the Narapatis which lay
buried in an ant-hill at the time. Attempts were also made
at the same time to found the city of Vijayanagara. Hearts
while, the ministers, Say ana and Mayanta, having come to the
place, Vidyaranya performed the abhiseka of Harittet aad
- Bukka, seating them upon the throne of the Karapatifl which